GEMMA Micro 75 - Tax Exemption

$ 122.75

GEMMA Micro is formulated with a high percentage of soluble hydrolysed marine proteins, HUFAs, phosholipids and algae, resulting in each particle exhibiting a striking green color. GEMMA Micro is a highly stable feed exhibiting excellent physical characteristics.

  • The use of GEMMA Micro has been documented to improve fecundity, eliminate Artemia and reduce feeding frequency to only one event per day.
  • GEMMA Micro is a non GMO product according to EC regulation 1829/2003.
  • The ingredients can be found on the feed label of your GEMMA Micro feed bag.
Size (Microns) Proteins (%) Oil (%) Ash (%) Fiber (%) Phos. (%)

GEMMA Micro 75

50-100 59 14 14 0.2 1.3

GEMMA Micro 75 can be used in early transition to reduce or eliminate rotifers from the feeding protocol of zebrafish.

GEMMA Micro 75 has a shelf-life of 24 months from date of manufacture and should be stored in a cool (max 20 degrees Celsius), dark and dry place. Once open, GEMMA Micro 75 should be utilized within 1 month and kept sealed in a refrigerator.

GEMMA Micro 75 is packed in special aluminum/polyethylene, 0.5 kg and 1.0 kg bags under modified atmosphere conditions.