Collection: Are you tax-exempt?

Skretting USA is required to charge tax in the states in which we have a physical presence. Therefore, if you are located in the states of Utah, Idaho, Maine and Washington, we have to charge you a tax on our products. However, if you are tax-exempt and you are located within the four aforementioned states, you can buy our products in our Tax-Exempt Collection and thus avoid being charged tax. Please note that you have to send us a scan/copy or fax of your Certificate of Exemption in order to be eligible for the tax-exemption.

You can send a scan of your certificate via-email to or fax it to 435.277.2101. You can also send it via post to the following address: Skretting USA, 712 East 2400 North, Utah, USA, 84074.

Click on the products below to buy our feeds tax-free.

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GEMMA Micro 300 - Tax Exemption - 0.5 kg bag ONLY
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